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We employ some advanced tools of variational analysis and generalised differentiation such as the nonsmooth version of Fermat's rule, the limiting sub-differential of maximum functions, and the sum rules for the Frechet and Mordukhovich sub-differentials to establish necessary conditions for (local) properly efficient solutions and (local) isolated minimizers of a multi-objective optimisation problem involving inequality and equality constraints. Sufficient conditions for the existence of such solutions are also supplied under assumptions of (local) convex/affine functions or L-invex-infine functions defined in terms of the limiting sub-differential of locally Lipschitz functions. In addition, we propose a type of Wolfe dual problem and explore weak/strong duality relations under L-invexity-infineness hypotheses.

Từ khóa

Optimality condition; Duality; Isolated minimizer; Mordukhovich sub-differential; L-invex-infine function; Multi-objective optimisation


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