The DLU-JOS is now publishing in English


The DLU-JOS's Editorial Office is pleased to announce that the Dalat University Journal of Science is currently publishing periodical issues in English.

1. Authors need to submit manuscripts in English to participate in the process of peer review, revision, editing, and publishing, all of which are performed entirely in English. Manuscripts that do not meet an acceptable level of English quality will not be put into the peer-review process.

2. In the case of manuscripts written in Vietnamese that were submitted, evaluated, reviewed, or accepted for publication before December 31, 2020:

  • The authors are responsible for translating the manuscripts into English and ensuring the quality of the translations. We reserve the right to refuse translations of low quality; or
  • The authors may use our English translation service. The use of this translation service is voluntary and subject to the full agreement of the authors to collaborate with the translators introduced by us. There is a fee for this service.
  • All English manuscripts will be proofread by our English Editor who is a native speaker of English. Dalat University will cover the cost of this service.

The Dalat University Journal of Science welcomes articles from domestic and international Ph.D. students, lecturers, and scientists.