• Dao Trong Vinh Vietnam Maritime University, Viet Nam
  • Le Dang Khanh Vietnam Maritime University, Viet Nam
  • Le Minh Huy Phenikaa University, Viet Nam
  • Nguyen Dang Khoa Phenikaa University, Viet Nam
  • Luong Van Su Phenikaa University, Viet Nam



Fluxgate, Magnetic sensors, Magnetometers.


An anti-serial fluxgate sensor configuration is proposed in this report. The design comprises two identical bilayer-rod fluxgate sensors connected anti-serially in a straight line. Each bilayer-rod sensor is constructed of an excitation coil and a pick-up coil wrapped around a core. The core material consists of Metglas ribbon, an amorphous alloy with high permeability, negligible hysteresis, and a high saturated magnetic field. The core is cut into a bar shape and uses double layers to enhance modulated flux density. A high sensitivity of 10 mV/Oe (with excitation of 45 kHz and 250 mA) is obtained experimentally with low noise of 1´10-5 Oe/Ö Hz at 1 Hz. In measurements of weak magnetic fields, the azimuth response indicates its vector feature. The proposed design is suitable for electronic compass and displacement applications.


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