• Nguyen Khac Su Vietnamese Archaeological Association, Viet Nam,



Acheulean, An Khe Paleolithic, Baise, Biface, Homo erectus.


This article focuses on systematizing artifacts from investigations, surveys, and excavations of Paleolithic sites in the town of An Khe. It also describes the characteristics of the An Khe Paleolithic industry in terms of a technical complex of choppers and chopping tools, trihedral picks, and bifaces (hand axes). In the Early Paleolithic, choppers and chopping tools were prominent in Asia, and bifaces were the most prominent group of tools in the West. The early stage in An Khe is characterized by tools with a trihedral shape. The An Khe industry dates from 700,000 to 900,000 BP. It is older and different from other known Paleolithic industries in Vietnam, such as Nui Do (Thanh Hoa Province) or Xuan Loc (Dong Nai Province). The An Khe industry also differs from the typical Acheulean industry in Europe but shares many similarities with the Baise industry in Guangxi (China) in terms of material, size, type, and toolmaking techniques. From findings and research on such topics, we are introduced to a new idea about human origins in the territory of Vietnam, in particular, and the world in general. The prominent ideas are the boundary dividing the biface and chopper industries (Movius Line) in the Eurasian continent, the formation of Southeast Asian Paleolithic industries, the knowledge of Homo erectus in adapting to a specific environment, and the starting point of human prehistory in Vietnam.


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