• Nguyen Thi Thuy University of Education, Hue University, Viet Nam
  • Dao Van Hung Naval Academy, Viet Nam



All-normal dispersion, High nonlinear coefficient, Low confinement loss, Photonic crystal fibers with As2Se3 substrates.


We examine the possibility of improving the nonlinear properties of photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) with As2Se3 substrates by creating a difference in the diameters of the air holes of the rings around the core. With the new design, all-normal dispersion properties, small effective mode area, high nonlinear coefficient, and low confinement loss were achieved in the long-wavelength range of 2.0–7.0 µm. The highest nonlinear coefficient is 4414.918 at 4.5 µm for the lattice constant (Ʌ) of 3.0 µm and the filling factor (d/Ʌ) of 0.85, while the lowest loss is 1.823´10-21 dB/cm with Ʌ = 3.5 µm and d/Ʌ = 0.8. Based on the numerical simulation results, the characteristics of two optimal structures have been analyzed in detail to guide the application in supercontinuum generation.


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